Red Pine

Sang Ju Yin

English Name: Mulberry Leaf and Chrysanthemum Drink
Source: Systematic Differentiation of Warm Pathogen Diseases (1798)
Ingredients for 1 bulk herb vacuum sealed bag:
Sang Ye (Mori Folium) 15g
Ju Hua (Chrysanthemi Flos) 6g
Lian Qiao (Forsythiae Fructus) 9g
Bo He (Menthae haplocalycis Herba) [add] 4.8g
Jie Geng (Platycodi Radix) 12g
Xing Ren (Armeniacae Semen) 12g
Lu Gen (Phragmitis Rhizoma) 12g
Gan Cao (Glycyrrhizae Radix) 4.8g
Suggested dose: 1 bag over 2-4 days. The above dosage is doubled from the original source.
Notes: Do not cook for more than 20 minutes. The source text says to cook from 2 cups down to 1 cup. 

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