The guiding mission of Urban Herbs is to expand the use of Chinese Medicine by making botanical elixirs, tonics, and supplements accessible to the general public, while simultaneously supporting practitioners without pharmacies of their own.

Our CUSTOM RX online prescription pad allows you to create nearly any bulk or granular formula. The intuitive and secure interface allows our customers to quickly and easily create, save, and modify custom herbal formulations, and offers convenient billing and retrieval options.

Urban Herbs seeks to do this work in a way that isn't simply about growing clients, but community - putting heart, not just herbs, into every formula we prepare.


If you prescribe Chinese herbal formulations and don't have a pharmacy of your own - or have one that limits your ability to customize - you have to make a choice about where you source your formulas. Far from trivial, this choice is not only about making your clients better, but doing so in a way that reaches beyond the well being of a single patient or office. This is important because Chinese herbal prescribing is founded in interconnectedness: when each of us does better, we all do better. Choosing Urban Herbs means choosing to practice within and for your community, in a way that truly embodies the spirit of the work.

We firmly believe that clients should experience clinicians working collectively, openly, and compassionately, for the benefit of all. Furthermore, that a commitment to this type of care is duly reflected in the work we all provide, makes our clients better faster, our medicine more widespread, and brings new levels of energy and professionalism to the field.

Our Highlight Reel:

  • We tout the most simplistic virtual prescription pad. When it comes to efficient ordering, we want to make it clear, concise, and quick!
  • We choose to use the HIGHEST QUALITY HERBS on the market. Our suppliers ensure GMP standards have been met and exceeded, test for pesticides, heavy metals, and irritants, and provide lab results on each and every batch of product.
  • Simply speaking, if you want the BEST RESULTS, you need to be using the BEST INGREDIENTS.
  • We turnaround orders within 48 hours, but more often than not, within 24 hours.
  • Quality assurance is our business and we stand behind every compilation we create for YOU, our most valuable customer.


  1. You can find hundreds of impressively effective products on this site. Simply choose to add them to your shopping cart and proceed to check out.

  2. If you do not find exactly what you need in a packaged product, you have the ability to prescribe a Custom Herbal formula. Simply click on our CUSTOM RX portal where you can create your unique bulk or granular formulas (powdered formulas and encapsulated formulas are also available). In this portal you can choose to ship the formula to yourself or a patient. Please note: When you order through our CUSTOM RX portal, you will have to complete this transaction separately from your order of products on our main site.


Each formulation has been uniquely crafted based on Classical herbal formulas, research-based evidence, experiential evidence, and an expert knowledge of the interactions between the herbs and the body.
It is recommended to speak with a physician before taking any herbal products. Some products may not be recommended for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on blood-thinner medications. It is best to consult your physician before trying any new herbal regimen.


One of our driving intentions of creating Urban Herbs is to deliver bulk herbal formulas in their most traditional forms. We want to not only provide these high quality products true to tradition, but also to support practitioners in building their own profitable, efficient, and customizable bulk herbal pharmacy. The desired result is a practitioner who can effectively prescribe bulk herbs that support and contribute to their patient's health. At Urban Herbs we have invested a significant amount of resources, time, and knowledge into the preparation of our finished products. Our formulas are of professional quality and expertly packed to preserve freshness.

Have any questions? Contact us info@urbanherbsco.com or by calling (720) 638-6622.