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We love supporting acupuncturists who are unable to stock a full herbal pharmacy of their own- you're intrinsically aware of the benefits of Chinese herbs and how they can multiply the effects of your treatments.  Urban Herbs is here to ensure that your formulations arrive to your patients quickly, accurately, and with the same degree of competency and care that you would put into any one of your treatment plans.

We firmly believe in practitioner collaboration.  Your success as a practitioner reflects brightly upon our field of medicine and we want to help you achieve this!  So if outsourcing your herbal needs sounds like a great fit for you, simply follow these three easy steps to get started!

How The Practitioner Portal Works

1. Create a formula using our intuitive formula builder: begin by inserting a classical  combination from the auto-complete search field and modify, or simply start from scratch.

2. Provide patient instructions by pasting your own text into free fields, or speed up the process by inserting one of our quickstart templates.

3. Indicate one of our numerous retrieval options, including on-site pickup, priority, or expedited shipment.

4. Bill yourself or your client with a single click when you keep updated information in your practitioner and client profiles. Enter this information into your files only once; edit or delete it any time - all is safe and secure.

5. We will fill your formula and have it ready for pickup or shipment in 24 hours or less. Most formulas are completed the same business day, and pickup or shipping is a snap.*


Formulas requiring special preparation, such as encapsulation or powdering, may take longer to complete. See the Questions page for more details on filling times and the Shipping page for mail orders.


Please remember your username when logging in. The most common reason for login errors with incorrect password resets is using the incorrect username. It often differs from your email address, and it was created by you or a member of our team. When in doubt, try your first initial followed by last name. The username is not case sensitive. As long as you have the correct username and correct associated email address you will receive a password reset email to easily update your login information. If you cannot remember your username, please reach out, we'd be happy to help!

Tools And Tips


A Formula is singular unit and may constitute an entire order. An Order can contain one or multiple formulas. All your complete and in-progress formulas can be viewed, organized, reused and modified using the My Formulas section of your account. All your orders (single and multi-formula) can be viewed, organized, and reused by going to your My Orders section.


We package bulk formulas in large brewing bags by default (there is no extra charge for this service). This makes brewing and cleanup more convenient for patients and streamlines preparation: less time is spent wrapping small seeds, shells and powders. If you do not want your patient to cook their bulk formula in brewing bags, simply click the appropriate check-box on the prescription form.

During the cooking process, trapped steam in the brewing bag may cause it to "puff up". This puff will often draw water from the decoction more quickly than in a decoction with only the herbs. To make sure the resulting decoction is the proper volume, add an additional 3/4 - 1 cup of water to the beginning water volume. Our instructions for bulk cooking, available on the prescription form, takes this water loss into account. If the "puff" seems too large at any point during cooking, just tilt the lid of the pot a bit more to allow some of the steam to escape.


Bulk herbs are sometimes handled differently in order to maximize and/or alter their function within a given formula, or to protect the patient from small or hard to digest particles. Some of the more commonly used instructions are listed below. This list is neither complete nor a recommendation for use, and most can also be found in Scheid and Bensky's 3rd Edition of the Formulas & Strategies.

Next to each herb on the prescription form, there is a free field where you can enter special bagging and handling instructions. The most commonly used instructions for bagging herbs separately are "steep", "add", "precook", "dissolve", and "crush". These bags will be packaged separately and labeled for your patient so that they may cook them properly. Please note that we do not cook any herbs here at the dispensary.

Preooked / Decocted First  ("Precook")

Potentially toxic, hard shells or minerals, voluminous and light substances

bie jia, cao wu, chuan wu, ci shi, dai zhe shi, fu zi, gui ban, long chi, long gu, mu li, shi gao, shi jue ming, ren shen, xi yang shen, shui niu jiao, si gua lou, zhen zhu

Added Near the End  ("Add")

Aromatic substances whose volatile oils wish to be preserved, the enhancement of other effects

bo he, bai dou kou (& crushed), da huang (to purge strongly), mu xiang, qing hao, sha ren & bai dou kou (& crushed), gou teng, yu xing cao

Dissolved Into the Strained Decoction  ("Dissolve")

Viscous or sticky substances that may burn or congeal with prolonged cooking

e jiao, lu jiao jiao, yi tang and other gelatins or syrups

Steeped in the decoction once cooking is finished  ("Steep")

Typically very light substances that lose effect with prolonged cooking

jing jie

Broken before decoction ("Crush")

Seeds, kernels, and other "hard" or shelled herbs whose center or inner lining has the desired effect

sha ren, bai dou kou, tao ren, xing ren, suan zao ren


Allowing your clients to request refills directly from us involves a simple 2-step setup:

  1. Create a full Patient Profile for your client, with payment information (it will be understood that the client wishes to be charged directly).

  2. Submit the formula with notes in the "Instructions to Urban Herbs" field on the Prescription Form indicating: 1) that you will allow refill requests by the client, and 2) the number of refills you will allow before they need to contact you again.

  3. Your clients can then request refills via email or phone.

If you need to add more refills to a given formula, simply email or call with formula information.

We believe in the theory of abundance and feel as though there is a vast amount of knowledge to be shared among practitioners. For this reason, Urban Herbs has the right to share, use, create, and sell any formulas placed through the practitioner portal. When practitioners work in collaboration with one another, the caliber of each other's treatments are raised. Thank you for understanding this policy and please contact us if you have any questions.