Urban Herbs commits to the continual development and implementation of herbal medicine in the United States in order to provide accessible healthcare services to our local neighborhood, the community, and the country. We declare that the ideal goals of our company are to impact the local, low-income population with individual attention and a fair and appropriate fee structure and to expand the reach of Chinese medicine by providing accessible means of holistic healthcare, food, and supplement products and a promise to research and advocate for their integration in Western medicine. We promise to be approachable, compassionate, and diligent in our practice. We respect each individual’s commitment to his/her/their health and are humbled to be able to work alongside such a strong conglomerate of those committed to wellness.



An integral part of our mission at Urban Herbs is to remain concurrent with - and stay ahead of whenever possible - industry standards for pharmacy practice. This includes standards established under the FDA, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), covering critical topics such as accurate recording and filing, labeling, facility maintenance, and proper handling of herbal substances. These are just a few of the vital categories in which we consistently meet or surpass standards:

Supply & Inventory

We only use herbal substances that have been produced under pharmaceutical GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) that far surpass US dietary supplement GMPs and global GMP requirements, including stringent testing for heavy metal and pesticide residues with leading-edge screening technology such as Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC). To read more, visit our Herbs page.

Preparation, Facility, & Personnel

Our dedicated preparation areas and equipment meet or far excel industry standards for cleanliness, sanitation, calibration and maintenance, and only those trained in the use of Chinese herbal medicine and our trained Herbal Technicians prepare the prescriptions that leave our pharmacy.

Records & Filling

All aspects of our service are informed by the need for standardized record keeping in the field of Chinese herbal medicine. The structure of the web prescription process and the digital evidence it creates ensures that practitioners may securely and conveniently save, access, organize and implement their work. All paperwork generated from the process adheres to rules established for proper labeling and are fully HIPAA compliant. In addition to these safeguards, our extensive inventory methods ensure the traceability of every herb to each prescription we prepare.

Environmental Considerations

Our mission includes working with local businesses and services whenever possible to reduce emissions and support local providers. Likewise, nearly everything used to prepare and package formulas at Urban Herbs are either consumable or compostable - from the herbs themselves to our unique brewing bags for bulk preparations. Even the plastic bags used to package our granular prescriptions are compostable and recyclable. Further measures include the use of repurposed materials for shipping and printing, strict recycling and composting measures for in-house waste, and the use of eco-friendly products for cleaning and sanitation.