All our sources adhere to strict guidelines established in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, formal Manufacturing Instructions, Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Control Protocols, and ensure that every batch of product used is safe and of the highest quality. These standards are the guidelines upon which our distributors and manufacturers base each decision, and allow us to say that our formulations are built from the very best herbs found anywhere.

The Granules

We use granule extracts produced by Tianjiang Pharmaceutical because of their unrivaled potency, quality, and safety, assuring the consistency and efficacy every batch of granule extracts it produces. Tianjiang's raw material quality control is second to none:

  • Correctly-identified botanicals are grown in 320 traditional, authentic production regions in a network of GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified farms in 22 provinces.

  • Product identity and potency is confirmed through a combination of traditional quality assessment and modern chemical analysis - producing the definitive TLC (thin layer chromatography) identification standards used by the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

  • Products surpass the most stringent global requirements for heavy metals, pesticide residues and microbiology. Far and away the industry leader in China, they are used by over 30 million patients in over 1000 Chinese hospitals, and are exported to 22 countries around the world. Moreover, numerous academic publications and dozens of clinical trials are based on Tianjiang's granules.

  • Unique manufacturing process requires less excipient and allows for greater consistency in concentration ratios than most other products offer.

  • Fresh, unsulfured medicinals are obtained whole direct from the farms, and they are subjected to traditional methods of pao zhi in-house (which allows Urban Herbs to offer more herbs with more pao zhi choices than most any other pharmacy).

Tianjiang Pharmaceutical is a global leader granular extract production. Tianjiang was the first Chinese company to produce granules and it has remained the leader in the field in both quality and safety. Tianjiang supplies over 300 large Chinese hospitals and its products are used by over 30 million patients. Its highly acclaimed research division has conducted groundbreaking research in the medicinal characteristics of Chinese herbs and has developed important new processes for producing granule extracts. It has received more awards and government grants than any other producer. In addition to receiving tremendous support from China’s State Administration of TCM, Tianjiang was entrusted by the Chinese government to produce the entire state supply of herbal medicine during the SARS epidemic. Tianjiang holds the patents on the latest generation of extraction technology, and its products are produced under pharmaceutical GMP standards that far surpass US dietary supplement GMPs as well as global GMP requirements.

Raw Herbs

We use sources that have over 40 years of importing experience, and have sought only the highest quality manufacturers. They have established close, long-term relationships with reputable manufacturers that are ranked among the top 1% of medicine manufacturers in all of China. Our sources’ manufacturing partners have been internationally certified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), as well as China Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) certified for years. These certifications are for the manufacture of pharmaceutical grade products and set standards that ensure our products are safe and effective. Strict adherence to international guidelines ensure that our products are sourced, formulated, extracted, and tested according to rigorous and detailed parameters that have been not only laboratory tested, but clinically tested as well. Third-Party laboratories are used for verification testing of heavy metals, pesticides and contaminants. Moreover, Certificates of Analysis are provided to us for every batch.