CUSTOM RX General Procedure

Who Can Use The CUSTOM RX Services?

We are committed to serving both licensed practitioners who have been trained in Chinese Herbology as well as selling directly to the public. The main thing to know is that our CUSTOM RX portal utilizes pinyin. You will be responsible for knowing the pinyin of the herbs, the dose you would like for each herb, and any additional preparation methods. Our CUSTOM RX portal will be best utilized if you meet the following requirements.

  • You have a current license in Chinese Medicine and are working in a state that includes Chinese Herbology in your Scope of Practice, or are currently licensed and have obtained the Oriental Medicine or Chinese Herbology certification from the NCCAOM (you are listed with one of these certifications in the NCCAOM's National Registry).

  • You can provide either a diploma that evidences 350 hours of training in Chinese Herbology from an accredited program, or CEU certificates that evidence 350 hours of training in Chinese Herbology.

If you would like a customized herbal formula, but are unsure how to write one and/or where to begin, we schedule herbal consultation appointments with the public to understand your needs and then prescribe a customized formula prescription. There is an additional fee for the consultation. Please call (720) 638-6622 or email to schedule.

Do I Have To Use The Website To Submit Formulas?

In most every case, yes. The website has been designed especially for custom prescribing and keeps the prescription process accurate and efficient. It likewise ensures proper billing procedure (because prescriptions are customized and cannot be "unmixed" or returned, billing takes place at the time of order). Under special circumstances, we may refill a formula via phone or email, but you must already hold an approved account. In these cases, fill times may be longer than usual and additional processing charges may apply.

Can I Submit Formulas By Phone, Fax, Or Email?

See question just above: "Do I have to use the website to submit formulas?"

Can My Clients Submit Refills Directly?

Yes, with a simple setup by the practitioner. To set up refills via patient request:

  1. Create a full Patient Profile for your client, with payment information (it will be understood that the client wishes to be charged directly).

  2. Submit the formula with notes in the "Instructions to Urban Herbs" field on the Prescription Form indicating: 1) that you will allow refill requests by the client, and 2) the number of refills you will allow before they need to contact you again.

  3. Your clients can then request refills via email or phone.

If you need to add more refills to a given formula, simply email or call with formula information.


Processing & Fill Time

How Long Does It Take To Process Formulas?

We fill formulas in 48 hours or less (though in most every case much faster). Orders placed before noon on Monday through Friday are often ready for pickup the same day for locals. Orders submitted by noon on Fridays will typically be ready for shipment that day; after noon shipment and/or pickup may not be available until the following Monday. Factors such as holidays and inclement weather may affect fill time. While we make every attempt to fill encapsulated formulas as quickly as others, you should always allow an additional 12-24 business hours for each 200 grams of formula you prescribe. If pharmacy pickup is chosen, the patient or practitioner (as indicated during the ordering process) will be called directly. For details on shipping times, visit the Shipping page.

Can I See The Status Of My Order Online?

Yes. The indicated party will always be contacted once an order is completed, but you can also check the status of your order online. On the My Orders page, the status of each of your orders is listed. The definitions of each status follows.

Placed: Your order has been successfully submitted and an order confirmation email has been sent to you (if you didn't receive an email please contact us here). The order has not been shipped, and neither you nor the patient has been contacted regarding pickup at our location. These orders cannot be altered or canceled.

Incomplete: The formula has not been submitted to us for processing. It remains in-progress and can be altered by the practitioner. It can be completed and submitted to us by going to the My Orders page, choosing "complete order", progressing to the Prescription Summary page, and clicking "Place Order". To see a guide, please visit the Tools & Tips page.

Complete: The order has been filled and scheduled for shipment, or the patient or practitioner have been contacted regarding pickup at our location. These orders cannot be altered or canceled.

What If I Need A Formula In Less Than 24 Hours?

Formulas prescribed before noon, Monday through Friday, will often be ready by the end of the business day. We recommend choosing local pickup if the formula is needed the same day. You may also leave a special request during the prescription process and when in doubt, give us a call!

Is There An After-Hours Pickup Option?

Yes, we have an after-hours pickup option at our physical location 20 Eagle Rd in Eagle Vail, Colorado. If you request a pickup option, we will contact you and/or your patient (whomever you chose) when the order is ready for pickup.

When Can Patients Pick Up Orders?

Please visit the Contact page for up to date information on regular, seasonal, and special hours. Typically with after hours pickup, the order will be available outside of the clinic and can be picked up anytime after we have made completed the order.


Herbs & Services

Which Herbs Do You Stock And How Much Do They Cost?

During the prescription process, only currently available herbs will appear and the cost is automatically calculated on the form. To see availability and pricing of all raw or granular herbs, visit your Practitioner Desktop and choose Price List.  If the herb is in stock, the price will be listed; if we are currently out of stock or do not carry the herb, the list will read "N/A". We will occasionally stock small amounts of lesser-used herbs, such as some pao zhi herbs, that are not listed in the prescription form - feel free to call or write to ask about these.  In the case of pao zhi herbs, Urban Herbs, reserves the right to substitute the unprocessed version of the herb if the pao zhi version is out of stock.  For example, if Urban Herbs does not have Bai Zhu Chao, Bai Zhu will be used in its place. 

How Do I Know If An Herb Is Out Of Stock

The practitioner portal will let you know if an herb is currently out of stock by either not appearing after searching for it or appearing in red.  Typically the system will not allow you to add the herb; however if you are filling a formula using the "Add/Start with a formula" button, the herb will show up in your list, but the red color will indicate it is not available.  Please reach out to us via email or phone if you see that we are out of an herb, but would like to use it in a formula.  Sometimes we are simply waiting on a shipment to arrive and can let you know when your herb will be back in stock or we can suggest an alternative herb with similar properties.  If it is an herb we do not carry, we can look into its availability and see about making a special order from our suppliers. Please reach out to us with any questions as we want to ensure your patients receive the best formulas possible!

Can I Buy Single Herbs From Urban Herbs?

We use our inventory exclusively for customized formulas. We are not established as a single herb retailer or wholesaler and do not sell herbs singularly in large quantities. Attempts to make single herb orders from the formula prescription page may be rejected at our discretion.

Do You Stock Patent Formulas Or Pre-Formulated Granulars?

Given the broad availability patent formulas and tea pills, plasters and ointments, we do not currently offer them as part of our prescription service. Pre-formulated granulars are likewise unavailable at this time.  We are working towards broadening our inventory to include patent formulas and ointments in the coming months- please stay tuned!

Do You Stock Pao Zhi Herbs?

Yes, we do stock pao zhi raw and granular herbs. To see a current list of herbs and pricing, please visit your Practitioner Desktop. You can also find these on the Prescription Form by searching the herb - it's special preparation, if available, will be visible. Please note that we do not cook any herbs here at the dispensary. If you have questions about something you don't see, feel free to call or send us an email.

Do You Encapsulate Formulas?

Yes. Current pricing for encapsulation is always listed on the Prescription Form. While we make every attempt to fill encapsulated formulas as quickly as we do others, you should always allow an additional 12-24 business hours for each 200 grams of formula you prescribe. We do offer encapsulation as a stand-alone service - contact us to arrange.


Payment & Returns

How Is Payment Settled And What Are My Options?

Payment is settled at the time of order, and you may easily bill yourself or your client during the prescription process once you have added payment information to your profiles. This information remains part of your secure profile and only needs to be entered once unless you wish to delete or edit. To read more about this process please read How it Works on the Order page. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Can My Client Purchase Their Formula At Your Location?

In special circumstances, we can arrange for your client to pay when they arrive, but in order to do so, 1) you must already have an approved account and 2) your client must make an appointment with us via phone. Because orders cannot be placed without payment, you will have to call us when you want your client's order to be filled. If you have any more questions about this process, please call us at 720-632-6622.

How Do I Change A Formula That Has Already Been Submitted?

Once a formula is filled it cannot be changed. However, if you catch your mistake shortly after submission, just give us a call - we may be able to alter it before filling begins.

Can Uncooked Formulas Be Returned?

Because herbs cannot be separated or "unmixed", and to preserve safety for all clients, they cannot be returned once they leave our pharmacy. For more questions, please visit the Returns page.

Who Fills The Formulas?

Formulas are filled only by trained Herbal technicians and those with training in Chinese herbal medicine.

How Are Prices Determined?

Prices are based on market value of the Chinese herbs from our suppliers.  We strive to keep prices affordable and consistent; however, prices may vary from order to order as market prices fluctuate.  Please always check the Price List inside of your practitioner portal for the most up to date prices.  All current prices are listed when you fill a formula under the "Prescribe" tab so you always know the exact total.


Technical Questions

How Much Formula Does One Of Your Spoons/Scoops Hold?

The spoons included with granular formulas hold approximately 1.5-1.7 grams of formula when level.

How Much Formula Does One Capsule Hold?

Each capsule holds approximately 0.4 - 0.5 grams of formula.

What Is Included In The Patient's Formula Packet?

Your patient's formula packet will include the formula itself, a complete patient printout with all herbs and dosages, as well as any instructions you may have added during the prescription process. NEVER will the patient's formula packet include prices.

Is The Sealant And Marker Used On Brewing Bags Safe?

The sealant used on our brewing bags is all natural and of no harm when cooked. Likewise, the markers used to label the bags are made with vegetables and are 100% consumable.

Do Raw Formulas Have To Be Sealed In Brewing Bags?

No. If you do not want us to package your raw formula in brewing bags, simply click the appropriate check box on the prescription form. For more details about using brewing bags, please read our Tools & Tips.

What Bagging And Handling Methods Are Available?

The Bagging/Handling Method field in the formula builder allows you to specify certain packing and cooking methods for the patient to use when preparing their formula. We will follow your instructions, save those to cook or powder herbs. Common preparation methods are "precook", "add", "steep", and "dissolve" - all of which, if entered, will be packaged separately from the main bag of herbs and labeled accordingly for the patient's convenience. Please note that we do not cook any herbs at our location. For more information about common preparations for individual herbs, please visit the Tools & Tips page.


Using The Website

What If My Screen Goes Blank While Prescribing?

If your screen goes blank while using the Prescription Form, you are most likely using an outdated version of your browser. Please download all available updates, restart your computer and try again. All browsers should work without difficulty, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. If you continue to have difficulty, please feel free to contact us.  

What If I Don't Receive A Confirmation Email After Ordering?

You have either 1) not completed the ordering process by clicking the Place Order button on the Summary page, or 2) the confirmation email has been forwarded to your junk mailbox, which can happen indiscriminately from order to order, depending on the email client (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). If you still don't see your confirmation email, please feel free to contact us.

When an order is successfully placed (the Place Order button is clicked on the Summary page and payment is accepted), a confirmation of order immediately goes to your email address. We don't send email confirmations when orders are completed. If the order is being mailed, an email confirmation will be sent to you from the shipper when it's processed at their sorting facility.

What If I Forget My Login Information?

If you forget your login information, simply click the retrieval link on the Login page that says "Forgot your password?" An email with your login information will be sent to the email address you provided during registration. If you don't see it in your inbox, check to see if it has been forwarded to your junk mailbox box. Your login information can be retrieved but not changed online. If it becomes necessary to change your password, contact us and we can do it for you.

Can I Delete Orders From My Order History?

Once an order is complete, it cannot be deleted from your history. If your formula has simply been saved, the process is simple: Go to the My Orders page and click the "complete order" link to the right of the order you want to delete. At the bottom of the Prescription Form, click the Cancel button.

I'm Stuck On The Practitioner Profile Page

If you've logged in, simply use the top or side menus to navigate to the page you wish to visit. (The Submit button at the bottom of the Practitioner Profile page is used to update your profile, not log in.)

What If I Can't Get The Page To Scroll?

Note that the any of the pages on the site that have "forms" - patient and practitioner profiles, the Prescription Form, and the Order Summary page, which include private data - have two scrollbars: one that moves the key information in these pages (the "forms"), as well as an outer one that moves the entire website/page (the one for the browser you are using, which appears on every page of the website). Simply place your cursor inside the "form" and it will engage the inner scroll function.



Why Is USPS Priority The Simplest Shipping Available?

This is our simplest shipping method because it is the most affordable option for sending formulas quickly, safely, and with convenient tracking information (which you, the practitioner, can receive upon request with the scheduling of the shipment). If you have more questions regarding shipping and delivery times, please visit our Shipping page.