Red Pine

Mai Men Dong Tang

English Name: Ophiopogonis Decoction
Source: Essentials from the Golden Cabinet (c. 220)
Ingredients for 1 bulk herb vacuum sealed bag: 
Mai Men Dong (Ophiopogonis Radix)  60g
Dang Shen (Codonopsis Radix) 36g
Jing Mi (Nonglutinous rice) 30g
Gan Cao (Glycyrrhizae Radix) 12g
Zhi Ban Xia (Pinelliae Rhizoma preparatum) 18g
Da Zao (Jujubae Fructus)  6 to 8 pieces
Suggested dose: 1 bag over 2-4 days. The above dosage is doubled from the original source.

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