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Jiao Si Xian


English Name: Scorched Four Immortals 

Source: To our knowledge, this formula is not recorded in any major formulary. It can be considered a folk remedy used by Drs. Qin Bo-wei and Wu Bo-Ping. 


Jiao Shan Zha (scorched Crataegi Fructus )
Jiao Mai Ya (scorched Hordei Fructus germinatus)
Jiao Shen Qu (scorched Massa medicata fermentata)
Ji Nei Jin (Gigeriae galli Endothelium corneum)    
Uses: Digestive aid, food stagnation, etc.
Notes: The above formula has been finely ground up for easy consumption. Directions for consumption on printed on the back of the bag. This formula can be used either as a preventative (e.g., before a big holiday dinner) or as a treatment.
Scorched Four Immortals, as compared to Scorched Three Immortals, is used when a stronger formula is needed, or more emphasis on oily foods is necessary.

 * Larger doses (e.g. 100g & 200g) will have two or four 50g vacuum sealed packets contained in one of Red Pine's larger professional packaged bags.


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