Red Pine

Dang Gui Shao Yao Tang


English Name: Tangkuei and Peony Powder

Source: Essentials from the Golden Cabinet (c. 220)

Ingredients for 1 bulk herb vacuum sealed bag: 

Dang Gui (Angelicae sinensis Radix) 18g
Bai Shao (Paeoniae Radix alba) 48g
Fu Ling (Poria) 24g
Bai Zhu (Atractylodis macrocephalae Rhizoma) 24g
Ze Xie (Alismatis Rhizoma)  24g
Chuan Xiong (Chuanxiong Rhizoma)  24g

Suggested dose: 1 bag over 2-4 days. The above dosage is doubled from the original source.


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