Red Pine Chinese Herbs

Bloom Yoni Steam


Experience a nourishing and powerful self-treatment to benefit the uterus, regulate irregular cycles, reduce menstrual pain, support fertility and reproductive health, and restore balance.

This cleanse supports both spiritual and emotional healing, deeply connected with your feminine center.

This powerful blend of herbs is good for five (5) steams. After each steam, the decoction can be used as a one-time douche in the shower.

The Bloom Yoni Steam is best for fertility.

Ingredients: Ai Ye (mugwort), Wu Zhu Yu (evodia fruit), Gui Zhi (cinnamon twig), Dang Gui (angelica root), Chuan Xiong (szechuan lovage root), Bai Shao (white peony root), E Jiao (ass-hide gelatin), Mai Men Dong (ophiopogon tuber), Mu Dan Pi (moutan root bark), Ren Shen Bai (ginseng root), Gan Cao (licorice root), Ban Xia (pinella rhizome), Red Raspberry Leaf

Urban Herbs has a full line of Yoni Steaming herbs. Consider other variants found under the Yoni Steam collection. If you are looking for a customized formula this is available for an additional fee based upon an herbal consultation with one of our practitioners.

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