Red Pine

4. Attack and Break Up Blood Accumulation


Presentation: Static blood accumulations and clusters; fixed lumps or stone-like mobile abdominal masses

Ingredients for 1 bulk herb vacuum sealed bag:


Dang Gui Wei (Angelicae sinensis radicis Cauda) 12g
San Leng (Sparganii Rhizoma) 9g
Hong Hua (Carthami Flos) 4.8g
E Zhu (Curcumae Rhizoma) 9g
Dan Shen (Salviae miltiorrhizae Radix) 9g
Tao Ren (Persicae Semen) 9g
Ze Lan (Lycopi Herba)  9g


Suggested dose: 1 bag over 2-4 days. The above dosage is doubled from the original source.

Notes: This is the formula for Qin Bo-Wei's treatment method #4 for Blood (p. 97 in Qin Bo-Wei's 56's Treatment Methods, Writing Precise Prescriptions. 

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