Red Pine

1. Dissipate Heat and Dispel Summerheat


Presentation:  Early stage contraction of a summerheat pathogen; physical fatigue, irritability, and thirst

Ingredients for 1 bulk herb vacuum sealed bag:


Huo Xiang (Pogostemonis/Agastaches Herba) 12g
Lian Qiao (Forsythiae Fructus) 9g
Pei Lan (Eupatorii Herba) 12g
Gua Lou Pi (Trichosanthis Pericarpium) 18g
Hua Shi (Talcum) 12g
Gan Cao (Glycyrrhizae Radix) 2g
Lian Zi Xin (Nelumbinis Plumulas)  4.8g
He Ye (Nelumbinis Folium) 12g


Suggested dose: 1 bag over 2-4 days. The above dosage is doubled from the original source.

Notes: This is the formula for Qin Bo-Wei's treatment method #1 for Summerheat (p. 184 in Qin Bo-Wei's 56's Treatment Methods, Writing Precise Prescriptions.) The above formula has been slightly modified to suit modern clinical practice in the United States. Please send us an email if you have any questions about this.

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